Polish Constitution Day Parade

Join us in Slavic Village for the Polish Constitution Day Parade!

When an especially colorful Cleveland Polish Constitution Day Parade steps off in Slavic Village, the occasion is always especially joyful.  Once the main street of Northeast Ohio’s largest Polish community, Fleet Ave is now transformed into the First Complete and Green Street in Cleveland.
***Due to the COVID-19 spread, we will be postponing the Polish Constitution Day Parade until 2021. Please stay tuned for the release of the new date. Thank you for understanding***
The History
Polish Constitution Day is pageantry, music, poetry, colorful flags, costumes, delicious food, —and neighborly fun. The holiday is as old as history and as current as today. Drafted four years after, and heavily influenced by, the United States Constitution, the document was the most advanced political statement of its kind in Europe. For over two centuries, in good times and bad, it endured as a symbol of personal liberty and national pride. Its revolutionary nature is captured in Article 5: “All authority in human society takes its origin in the will of the people.”
Clevelanders will honor it in much the same way as their ancestors honored it upon their arrival as immigrants to America in the late Nineteenth Century: with music, religious liturgies, cultural programs, street performances and sociability.
To prepare, the East 63rd Street Block Club leads scores of volunteers, as they fan out to clean the public spaces of the old neighborhood. Flowers will be planted and brilliant red-white bunting will be hung along the parade route. And then the festivities will begin, spanning several days and filling some of the most cherished cultural sites of the Warszawa Historic District:
Get Involved!
Polish Parade invitation-application 2020
The Cleveland Polish Constitution Celebration is for everyone. The planning committee invites individuals and organizations to be part of this remarkable Cleveland event–as volunteers, donors, paraders, and visitors.  For more information, call (216) 513-6646.
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