MyCom (My Commitment, My Community) is a county-wide youth movement that provides young people (kindergarten through high-school graduation) with the positive experiences and caring adults they need to reach their full potential and become good citizens. As a network that believes youth development leads directly to community health and safety: we work to build up young people and their neighborhoods by connecting them to existing programs, resources, and funding opportunities. All sectors of society to take responsibility for children’s development and aid them in the transition into adulthood, and MyCom helps facilitate those conversations.

Our Mission

To connect young people in Greater Cleveland with positive experiences, caring adults, and education they need to lead good lives.

Our Vision

The What: MyCom will serve as a foundational piece of success for young people in Greater Cleveland by providing programming that prepares and inspires them to reach their full potential. MyCom, as a part of Slavic Village Development, encourages youth to engage in their community by taking action on the issues most important to them. We also help young people through school transitions, linking them to resources and opportunities that lift up their home neighborhood.

The Why: We believe youth development leads directly to community health and safety.

The How: By providing employment opportunities and extracurricular activities.

Broadway Slavic Village is a MyCom neighborhood. We value the voice of our youth and are working with neighborhood partners to ensure a network of quality activities and opportunities for youth of all ages in Broadway Slavic Village.

Join with us to help make your community a better place by participating in these youth engagement opportunities:

Questions about MyCom/P-16? Contact:

Mahogani Graves Director, MyCom P-16 
(P) 216.429.1182, ext. 121 | (F) 216.429.2632