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Broadway-Slavic Village is now the 9th EcoDistricts Certified community in the world, joining six others in the United States, one in Mauritius, and one in South Africa. At five square miles, Broadway Slavic Village is by far the largest EcoDistrict, with the next largest at just over three-fourths of a square mile. Read on for more information.

Slavic Village Boundaries
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How did we get here?

The EcoDistricts certification details a neighborhood-wide commitment to three pillars of just urban development within The Protocol framework: equity, resilience and climate protection. The BSV Roadmap was adopted by the BSV EcoDistrict team in December of 2022 after nearly 3 years of collaboration, workshop and outreach with residents and stakeholders. The BSV EcoDistrict team is made up of 12 residents and 11 stakeholders of the Broadway-Slavic Village community. 

EcoDistrict Peeps

What does it mean?

The Roadmap sets goals, strategies and performance targets under each of the three EcoDistricts pillars through 2050 and will be recertified every two years. The framework intends to foster a new model of urban development that moves projects from vision to reality with just, sustainable and resilient neighborhoods at the heart of every decision. The Protocol and EcoDistricts Certification guide city makers to take a collaborative, holistic, neighborhood-scale approach to community design to achieve rigorous, meaningful performance outcomes that matter to people and planet. 

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How does it help?

We are already implementing strategies within the BSV Roadmap and will integrate its goals and strategies as part of our organization’s Strategic Plan update and upcoming Master Plan. 


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The Broadway-Slavic Village EcoDistrict Certification and BSV Roadmap received generous funding from the George Gund Foundation, with technical support and guidance provided by Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and Irwin Lowenstein of ReThink Advisors. 

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