A documentary about how the mortgage crisis left an opening for exploitation of our neighborhoods.

The House Next Door is a feature-length documentary about how the foreclosure crisis of 2008 ripped through the Greater Cleveland area, what catastrophic damage was left behind in communities like Slavic Village and East Cleveland, and how dedicated public servants and private citizens are still picking up the pieces and attempting to put them back together. No area of the country was hit harder by the foreclosure crisis than Greater Cleveland. Between the years 2000 and 2006, the city led the country in foreclosures. There were people here who saw the disaster coming, who warned the Fed, state government, and others about what was coming. They were ignored. 10+ years after this man-made tsunami devastated the area, we look at what happened, at what’s been done to remedy the problem, and to see where things stand today. And we ask the unsettling question, could it all happen again?


When: Friday, June 7th, 2024, 5:30 PM

Where: Elizabeth Baptist Church 6114 Francis Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44127