Slavic Village

Slavic Village Development (SVD) is a non-profit community development corporation serving the North and South Broadway neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio. With an investment of $160 million over the past 25 years, Slavic Village Development has proven itself to be an aggressive and capable community development corporation.
SVD is a member of the Ohio CDC Association (OCDCA), a statewide membership organization of Community Development Corporations that engages in capacity-building, advocacy and public policy development that fosters socially and economically healthy communities.
Slavic Village Development has a long history of highly successful physical development and community building, with particular emphasis on complex real estate site assembly. SVD has rehabbed or built more than 1,000 housing units, including a 200+ home planned community; several large multi-family buildings; and more than 400 homes for low income families.
In recent years, SVD has refined its programming and has increasingly used community organizing and community building activities to address quality of life issues, such as activities for youth, safety and recreation. Arts programming, including public art, concerts, festivals and parades have become more important as has the development of parks, green space and recreational amenities.  SVD has been instrumental in the creation of several new parks, and in 2006 opened Morgana Run Bike Trail a 3-mile trail developed on an abandoned rail line. SVD leveraged the development of the trail and created a new park capitalizing on the Mill Creek waterfall, and linked the Morgana Trail to the Ohio Erie Canal Towpath, an extensive trail system just south of the neighborhood.