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This newly renovated neighborhood hub is located at 3614 E 65th Street in the heart of Slavic Village. The bar was recently bought by Marquis Scott, a multifaceted man with a heart for helping the community. People’s Bar & Grill isn’t just a regular bar but a place to gather, eat great food, and meet your neighbors.

We recently got the chance to sit down and talk about this new business venture with Marquis, his plans for the future his interest in improving the community.

Despite only owning the bar for 6 months, Marquis was quick to get connected with Slavic Village Development and the neighborhood at large. “The whole goal is to kind of bring people together to have a place where people can go and feel like it’s home, it’s not about just going to have a drink, but you can play pool, chess, cards, and watch games, so that’s what I’m trying to bring to the community.”

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Marquis has a background and career in both the mortgage and construction industry; this has motivated him to learn about current housing trends in the community.  “There’s a lot of work that needs to be done regarding the housing. Some businesses obviously need improvements, but mostly there’s a lot of housing that is just not great, whether people are living there or not. I think that people need to feel good about themselves so they can get some type of assistance. It will improve the way they feel about their neighborhood.”

Marquis was drawn to the Slavic Village neighborhood because of the tight-knit community. He also wants to be a part of the minority business network as well, stating; “I don’t believe there’s any minority bar owners around here. At least I haven’t seen any.”

We asked if community involvement is important to Marquis, and he responded; ” That’s the reason I got this far. I don’t need the money. The whole purpose of this business is to bring the surrounding community together.” The bar also serves as an event space that hosts baby showers, birthday parties, wine tastings, and community cookouts.

Marquis hopes that more people will be driven to start their own businesses in the community. He recommends that prospective entrepreneurs in the Slavic Village neighborhood have a strong business plan. ” Make sure you have capital. You can’t depend on other resources to fund your operation. You also have to do due diligence. Before I purchased this place, I came in here several times to scope out the area and talk to other bar owners. Marquis also stated; ” I go all in for everything I do. Whether it’s a failure or its as you go, everything is a learning experience and you don’t quit.”

When asked to describe Slavic Village in a few words, Marquis said; ” This is a tight knit and cultural community. People want to come together and I want to do that for them, that’s my whole voice.”

When envisioning the future of the business community in the neighborhood, Marquis believes it can be great. He emphasized that the neighborhood could use more investment from the City, and other government sources, as well as people from outside the community who want to help the Slavic Village neighborhood grow and flourish. He also thinks the community will step up and fight for what it needs. “If people see that they’re being invested into and get the support they need, they’re more empowered to take care of and support their community.”

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