Slavic Village Development and its partners support the efforts of innovative community groups and organizations to clean, maintain and beautify vacant land properties. Creating pocket parks and community gardens, developing green spaces, and hosting volunteer clean-ups are all strategies we use.

If you or a volunteer group are interested in cleaning up the neighborhood, contact Susan Gordon at 216.429.1182 x132 or


Slavic Village Development partners with the city as well as public and private sector organizations to use vacant land to support urban gardening where practical. We also assist community groups that want to develop and maintain gardens in targeted areas. These gardens can be a part of broader water retention, a beautification initiative, or a food production. Our gardening programs conform to local city policy and may not be available in all communities.

If you are interested in embarking on an urban gardening project for a vacant property contact Joe Linsky at 216.429.1182 x104 or