If you haven’t been on the Morgana Run Trail recently, a 25′ tall Cor-ten steel pyramid with colored plexiglass has been erected, visibly from Union Ave and E 71st. As a part of the Union Avenue bio-retention basin created by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Marlane Weslian of Slavic Village Development was able to secure additional funding to create a public art installation.
Designed and installed by Rustbelt Welding, the “When” pyramid concept is derived from an appreciation for ruins of previous civilizations. Ruins are generally the largest structures left behind by a civilization and they wanted to make a ruin of the future using the plexiglass to imagine an architectural style that has not yet been seen. The massive size is supposed to make the viewer wonder ‘how much was buried underground?’, enabling the imagination to run wild.
This is one of 6 public art projects based around the Morgana Run Trail, so the next time you go for a bike ride, check out the works as you stroll. The structure completed installation in early November while the park around the basin will be complete with benches and seating in early 2019.