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Whether you are looking for a move in ready home, or are prepared to fix one up yourself, you’ll find a house for you in Slavic Village!

Move in Ready Homes

Today, you can move into a rehabilitated home in Slavic Village. Slavic Village ReDiscovered homes are available in the heart of Cleveland’s historic Slavic Village Neighborhood, with new roofs, furnaces, electrical, plumbing, flooring, kitchens, and more! Renovated homes are sold at an affordable price and rebuilt with quality materials, all in a diverse and authentically Cleveland neighborhood with great amenities and proximity to downtown. Slavic Village ReDiscovered homes also now feature a 15-year residential property tax abatement, making them more affordable and more energy efficient than before. More than 50 homes have already sold. Come join us in the village and be part of the revitalization of this historic neighborhood!

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Homes to Renovate

The Neighbors Invest in Broadway Program (NIB) is an initiative aimed at providing an affordable homeownership opportunity, with preference for, but not limited to new, existing or past residents as well as first time homebuyers. Purchase price of the homes vary between $8,500 and $20,500 based on condition, cost and amount of repairs the home needs. We allow sweat equity to be used to complete repairs; this means if you have a licensed contractor in your family who you would like to use to do repairs, we will honor their bid as long as they provide their license and pull proper permits. We also allow you, as the homeowner, to do some cosmetic work yourself such as refinishing hardwood floors or painting. If you are interested in purchasing a home for low cost, repairing the home so that it is brought up to code, and living in the home for at least 3 years then this program may be for you.

The Slavic Village Investments Program (SVI) is the latest housing initiative offered by Slavic Village Development. SVI is a housing sale and renovation program in which vacant properties are made available to the growing number of outside investors expressing interest in Slavic Village, and in partnership with them, developing an abundance of quality, affordable rental units in the Slavic Village neighborhood to provide stability to lower income households.

To learn more about Neighbors Invest Broadway or Slavic Village Investments, contact Chelsea Kimbrough at (216) 429-1182, ext. 117 or e-mail