Nite at the Races

Nite at the Races

The Most Entertaining Nite in the Neighborhood!

Slavic Village Development’s annual “Nite at the Races” takes place in late January at Cleveland Central Catholic (6550 Baxter Ave, Cleveland, OH 44105) in Cleveland’s Broadway Slavic Village neighborhood.

Never been to a “Nite at the Races” before? At SVD’s annual event, over 250 party-goers enjoy an evening out with friends while betting on video recorded horse races. The food catered by Saucisson is plentiful and the beer, from Goldhorn Brewery, flows freely (for free); never has there been a better combination for gambling. Bonus: it’s for a good cause–to support the community work of Slavic Village Development!


This is how it goes down: your tickets get you grub and drink, and allows you to bet on the evening’s eleven video races.
Ten horses run in each race; you can bet as much as you want on as many horses as you want in as many races as you want.

If you’re trying to rake in even more cash, you can “buy” a horse, and name it. $20 enters your horse in one race; if your horse wins, you take home $30! Horses must be purchased by January 20th (see links above and below to purchase online). Make sure you give your horse a good name–steeds entered in previous years include Willie Makit, Glue Factory, and Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself. Wonder who will be racing the classic horses Stud Muffin and Brancatelli’s Babe?


For more information contact Joe Linsky at 216-429-1182, ext. 130; or


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