High Schools

Cleveland Central Catholic
6550 Baxter Avenue
Principal Sr. Allison Marie Gusdanovic
President Mr. Leo Hyland
Rooted in Gospel values and Catholic traditions, CCCHS educates culturally divers young men and women of our city and challenges them to deepen their faith and responsibly serve God, church and community.

Washington Park Environmental Academy
3875 Washington Park Blvd
Principal Alisa Lawson-McKinnie
The Washington Park experience provides accelerated, rigorous industry-driven career technical education programs that allow students to acquire marketable knowledge, skills and experience in the areas of Animal Care/Science, Environmental Agriculture Studies, Floriculture, Landscape and Greenhouse Care and Land Mechanics.

K-8 Schools

Cleveland College Preparatory School
4906 Fleet Avenue
Principal Tyler Roberto
Cleveland College Preparatory School prepares students for a college preparatory high school that will ensure success and graduation from a four-year college.

A.B. Hart School
3900 East 75th Street
Principal Kevin L Payton

There are many great things happening at A.B. Hart that make it a safe and quality school to attend:
  • Our Neighborhood Investment School designation allows the adult leaders in our building to make choices that are the best for our scholars. And, we spend a lot of time working with parents and concerned citizens who want to make a BIG difference in our school.
  • Many community partners work with us including the Third Federal Foundation, University Settlement and Open Doors Academy.

Holy Name
8328 Broadway Avenue
Principal Lorenzo Jones
The faculty and staff of Holy Name Elementary School, in partnership with students, parents, guardians, and the parish community, are committed to providing educational opportunities, in a faith filled environment, that is grounded in Catholic Christian values, principles, and traditions which lead us all to the Kingdom of God.


Mound School
5935 Ackley Road
Principal Cary Wilgren
At Mound PreK-8 school, a STEM school, the community is invested in helping scholars succeed in school and in life. With after-school activities until 5:30 p.m. every day, students have more opportunities to be engaged in constructive activities and working parents can feel supported.

Mound is dedicated to meeting the needs of every scholar and is the only CMSD school that offers a MetroHealth brick and mortar clinic.


St. Stanislaus School
6615 Forman Avenue
Principal Debb Martin
Saint Stanislaus Elementary School, as part of the Saint Stanislaus Parish community, believes in a curriculum infused with Gospel values. To that end, parents, administration, faculty and staff commit themselves to developing students of Spirit, Knowledge, and Community.


Warner Gills Leadership Academy
8315 Jefferies Avenue
Head of School Kristel Wilkins

At Warner Girls’ Leadership Academy, girls become confident, competent and compassionate leaders who will make a global impact. Teachers help girls grow in a safe environment and encourage them to achieve academic mastery every day and lead to make a global impact for others. Each girl is assigned a mentor to guide and help them her grow socially, emotionally and academically.


Willow School
5004 Glazier Avenue
Principal Angela Powers
The primary goal of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is to become a premier school district in the U.S.

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