Rooms To Let: CLE

Rooms To Let: CLE

Rooms To Let: CLE Returns to Slavic Village for a Fourth Year

Saturday and Sunday May 20-21 12pm-5pm!

On May 20th and 21st, 2017 the next generation of Rooms To Let: CLE will transform vacant houses on three neighborhood streets as the innovative installation returns to Slavic Village for a fourth consecutive year. Led by Slavic Village Development, Rooms to Let seeks to re-envision one of Cleveland’s most diverse and authentic neighborhoods, as it strives to illuminate a community in the midst of recovery. Dozens of artists and makers will create works in vacant homes and vacant lots—the homes are slated for demolition. The event will also feature live music as well as interactive and performance art.


This year, the Polish American Cultural Center at 6501 Lansing Avenue will act as the event epicenter. There attendees will find an artisan market, maker village, ethnic food, beverages, live music, and parking. Musical performances on Saturday by HoneyBucket Doc Robinson, The Admirables, P.Stoops, and on Sunday by Mourning [A] Blkstr, Curtail, and Seany Cash. Vacant lots will be transformed with art installations and create the setting for hands-on activities. Additionally preceding the event artists, community members, and volunteers came together for a Rooms to Let clean-up and fix-a-thon. Three neighboring homeowners were given assistance with basic curb appeal and home repairs and the event area was cleaned and beautified. Efforts to embrace the surrounding community through the fix-a-thon as well as a day of block party picnic that will include food, drinks, and activities for residents.


Artists interested in transforming spaces in three vacant homes in Slavic Village were selected by curators after an open call for artists. Curators this year include Dana DePew (artist), Dott von Schneider (artist), Loren Naji (Loren Naji Studio), and Omid Tavakoli (PopEye Gallery) the curators will guide the transformations of properties at 6627 Lansing, 6808 Gertrude, and 5804 Hosmer Avenue.


Artists participating this year include the following: Dana Depew, Loren Naji, Dott Von Schneider, Omid Tavakoli, Broadway School of Music and Arts, Liz Maugans, Zygote Press, Agumboot Arts, Jane Baeslach, Jeffry Chiplis, Ron Copeland, Susan Danko, R. Ferris, Eli Gfell, Annette Yoho Feltes, Keith Graham, Erin Jesson, Andrew Kaletta, David King, Charles Kiss, Irina Koukhanova, Robin Latkovich, Meg Matko, Ella Medicas, Doug Meyer, Jenniffer Omaitz, Cynthia Penter, Nancy Prudic, Catherine Butler, Ed Raffel, Tom Roob, Matthew Dibble, Grace Summanen, Paul Sydorenk Mike Lombardy, Amber Ford, Rachel Yurkovich, Daniel Corrigan, Katy Kosman, Buzz Szilagyi, Rachel Tweed, Steve Ehret, Kat Francis, Erin Duhigg, MxLxTxv, Kayli Salzano, Dan Miller, Noelle  Richard, Riley Kemerling, Jim Giar, Randy Crider, Ben Hale, Erin Caruso, Tim Switalski, Craig Worrell, Sharon Sevenzo, Joey Strunk, Bob Peck, Perris Mackey, Rachel Strongoli, Helen von Schneider, Mallorie Freeman, Gina DeSantis, Brenda Stumpf, Sean Jason Kelly, Marc Ian Lansley, Robert Banks, Bryon Miller, Meghann Hennen, Net Think Tank, Paul Williams, Tina Ripley, Hadley K Conner, Josh Starcher, Melissa Estro, Marc Spangenberg, Stephanie Kluk, Matt Kiroff, Molly Jones, June Hund, Susie Underwood, Elaine Hullihen, Ashley Mankin, Dina Hoeynck, John Carlson, April Bleakney, Ross Bochnek, Jessica Ferrato, Bex Moss, Rebekah Wilhelm, Al Mothersbaugh, Scott Alan Evans, Mandem Steinman-Arendsee, Gary Fischer, Juliette Thimmig, Lane Cooper, Christine Lewis, Scott Pickering, Loraine Farmer, Falcon Eddie Cummins.


Rooms To Let: CLE is supported in part by the residents of Cuyahoga County through a public grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. And in partnership with the Cuyahoga Land Bank, Agumboot Arts, Securview, and CoverMyMeds.


Slavic Village Development is the non-profit neighborhood redevelopment organization serving the Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland with over 35 years of experience in community development.

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